Amy Bleu


Amy Bleu is a singer/songwriter/guitarist/ukulele player based in Portland, Ore. Born in Eastern WA and raised primarily in Hawaii, Bleu grew up on the road, hearing relentless melodies and accompanying stories in her head. She fiddled around with the ukulele as a child, but didn't discover her true love – the guitar – until she was 19. She became a regular at several open mics in Portland just one year later. At 22, she was living in Spokane and had several regular gigs and enough songs for her first album, "Renegade Angel". She relocated to Denver the following year in order to promote herself in a new region, and just seven months later headed to Tucson, where she finished writing her second album, “Snake Charmer”, which was released in 2007.

Back in Portland for the remainder of the 2000s, Amy picked up the ukulele again and begin incorporating it into her act. In January 2009 she released her third album, "Geek Love", featuring her husband Matt on bass guitar, and Adam Sullivan (aka Bellows Bot) – who also recorded and produced the album – on several instruments including the accordion and xylophone. During the summer of 2009 they began to work with drummer Gabriel Edge. The four of them recorded five tracks which were released as an E.P., "The Unholy Loves", in Sept 2010. That same year Bleu also worked in a bluegrass duo which focused on folk standards and murder ballads, called the Shadow and the Saint. For six months out of 2011 she worked as a ukulele player/vaudevillian in the Old Town Bohemian Cabaret.

A versatile performer, Bleu has enjoyed entertaining at diverse venues such as book stores, a bank, the zoo, an amusement park, and a grocery store, as well as more traditional venues such as bars, coffeehouses, restaurants and festivals. Amy is currently touring the west coast and performing frequently in Portland as Amy Bleu Duo, with harmoinca player / guitarist / back up vocalist Kevin Raybon. She is currently working on a live album and a studio EP, both slated to be released later this year. 


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Background image by Andrea Faith of Faith Photography, copyright 2007.

Portrait by Rhonda Forsberg, copyright 2009.